(Re) Submit

Post date: Feb 28, 2014 5:47:18 PM

This week I resubmitted my first manuscript, 4 months past its rejection and 7 months past the first submission. I've spent a long time making improvements, and I do feel like they were improvements. But what a huge undertaking for what amounts to relatively little in life (i.e. a bullet on a CV). The benefit-to-cost ratio seems quite small, and that makes me want to spend less time on writing good papers and more time on submitting papers for review. But "there's no such thing as a quick and dirty paper" says Paul, and he may be right at that. Perhaps I can challenge the notion.

One thing I found frustrating during the submission process is that, despite my best efforts, nice looking figures get downsampled to look like crud. I couldnt find a way around it, and I hope my reviewers are understanding when they see. Here's an example:



I dont get it. And what's worse, the first figure is .png (compressed raster) whereas the second is .eps (vector). And yet...

Here's to you, JAPPL-2014-00163. May I not see you for several more months. And when again we meet, may you be accepted.