Weekly update 33

Post date: Oct 17, 2014 1:58:54 PM

Almost there! I am almost ready to send back out my second chapter. As always, it has taken way longer than I had hoped, but it's very close. I just need to write a couple sentences and confirm with my co-author before sending on. I'll be submitting that bad boy some time next week.

What I've really been spending my time on is trying to institute parallel processing of infrastructure layout creation in Bungee. For whatever reason, the task has been a bear. I spent the last couple of days just trying to figure out why I kept getting one really strange result. Turns out to be I used the wrong 3 letters and ended up calling one function for optimization instead of another. Oy! But I'm glad I found it, and it appears to be working. Now, what will the speedups be...