Weekly update 13

Post date: Apr 4, 2014 2:29:34 PM

The past couple of weeks has been chock full of stuff, but little in the way of progress on new stuff. I have had lots of conference calls with Cadmus, who is putting together the user interface for my infrastructure planning software. It looks like things are getting close, which makes me very excited. Once it is ready to go (in another couple months), I'll actually be able to send my software out to the world and hopefully start making some kind of impact. 3 years in the making, and how many more of work?

The major challenge of the user interface is to reveal to the user the inputs and parameters that are essential to run and give just the amount of flexibility needed to do some customization of the optimization. At the same time, we cant show too many inputs because it will overwhelm them. It looks like we've pared down the 150-ish inputs and parameters (yes, there are that many things to define) to something closer to 20-30. It's been a tough job, and one I am not a little sad about (there's so much you can do that's being left out), but I think it will be done soon and for the best!