Weekly update 32

Post date: Oct 10, 2014 2:01:32 PM

It seems I've been working on everything this past week. I just sent another draft of my second chapter manuscript off to my TNC collaborator, Tamara Gagnolet. I also transcribed my hand-written third chapter onto the computer. It's already about 4000 words (hand-written!). I've been messing around with figures to help me work through all the results for my third chapter. I must say, it's a lot to think about! One thing I did was graph the breakdown of impact metrics along with the Impact Score and a mean change in metrics to see how a change in the Impact Score corresponds to a change in other things. The expectation is that since the Impact Score is (sort of) a weighted sum of the individual metrics, it should be fairly similar to the mean change when looking at changes. Here's a figure for one development area to show you what that looks like: