Weekly update 9

Post date: Feb 21, 2014 3:37:17 PM

In the two weeks since update 8 I have made some real progress on the two manuscripts I've been working on. I've received the illustrious "we're almost there" from my adviser in regards to sending back out my first manuscript for re-submission. That's good, because March 1 is the deadline for re-submission. I have also gotten to a pretty good (though not yet complete) place on the main results figure for my second manuscript. So now I can go from saying "we put infrastructure on the landscape following rules like these"

And wind up with the following patterns of tradeoffs between impacts and across practices (might need to click on this to get a readable size)

I'll still leave it to you to decide what the heck is in there. Or you can shoot me an email and maybe I'll tell you what's going on.

I also found out this week that I received the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis's competitive Graduate Research Assistantship, two years running! I feel extremely privileged, because very few people actually get this twice. For posterity, here is my application packet.