Weekly update 20

Post date: Jun 20, 2014 2:52:49 PM

A strange sense of deja vu. This week I re-submitted both my first and second chapters for peer review. The first chapter submission was a set of revisions from the Journal of Applied Ecology. The second chapter, which was rejected without review was submitted to a different journal, Conservation Letters. I was happy that this one took very little work to rearrange for the different journal. If it gets kicked back, I may need to do some more work.

One thing coming out of my first chapter's submission was a lot of changes to figures. One new figure turned out to be pretty cool despite the fact that it has little bearing on the study I did. It shows the proportion of species covered by my conservation planning algorithm in different years. The difference between a) and b) is that the top compares coverage to the number of species known in the year of the conservation plan, and the bottom shows the coverage of species known in the final year. The more relevant one for me is the top one, but they're both neat. Oh, right, and the height of the bars shows the range of species covered by different sets of protected sites from running the planning algorithm multiple times. Read the paper if it ever comes out.