Weekly update 19

Post date: Jun 6, 2014 1:34:36 PM

I continue to make progress, though painfully slowly, on my third chapter. I have been exploring questions (again!) to give to Paul and in our one-on-one meeting on Wednesday I discussed those with him. Next I need to write up a short plan for analyses to give him so I can get to work! At the same time I've been trying to track down some more parcel data for Pennsylvania. It's quite variable from county to county 1) whether they even have digitized parcel data, 2) what price they sell it for and 3) if they give it away free for research purposes. So far I have four counties. And because pictures are fun, here's a map of the counties I've got along with well pad locations which shows which counties I'd like to have...

It's easy to see from the green dots that I've only covered about a quarter of the well pads. Some of the counties in SW PA just dont have data. The missing ones in NE PA I havent tracked down yet.