Weekly update 64

Post date: Sep 25, 2015 3:16:27 PM

Two especially good things have happened this week. First, I finally have the go-ahead to submit my third chapter of my dissertation for publication, months after I had planned on it (of course). This is supposed to be the big splash chapter, so my fingers are crossed it gets favorable reviews. Second, I've now got a couple project ideas down on (virtual) paper and am waiting from my boss to hear what he thinks about them. The projects come down to two questions (background/context omitted):

What is the benefit for small scale connectivity restoration to consider downstream options? I.e. if I'm interested in the quality/accessibility of my local stream, when/how/how much should I consider instead of investing downstream of my local stream rather than directly in it?

The other project is: What is the cost effectiveness gain in centralizing stream connectivity restoration and lamprey control decisions? This is supposed to be a large scale analysis that tries to address the current separation of interacting goals for conservation in the Great Lakes.

These are by no means set in stone, but it's exciting to at least have something to start working towards, even if I end up with a totally new destination.

Today I am going to try to get my feet wet working on some GAMS code. Let's see if I can read and write this stuff.