Bungee GIS

Download latest version: 1.1.18 (02/28/2015)

Bungee GIS is a set of Python modules, including an ArcGIS Python Toolbox, that proposes locations of well pads, access roads, and gathering pipelines within shale gas development areas. The software has been designed for use primarily by the natural gas industry to assess tradeoffs between increasing a commitment to reducing environmental impacts from their development and the additional monetary cost of doing so. Bungee is also appropriate for large conservation decision makers, including large landowners, regulators, and conservation NGOs who work with developers. It can be used, for instance, to understand probable impacts from future development and to propose planning practices based on those findings.

Bungee GIS is part of an ongoing collaboration between The Nature Conservancy and The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. You will see the software being primarily used as an engine for EnSitu, which is the streamlined toolbox interface for use in ArcMap. Bungee GIS has its own python toolbox, but this should normally be avoided unless extreme customization is needed.

For access to additional documentation materials, instructions on using Bungee GIS, or other information, please contact me.